Core IT Infrastructure

Core IT Infrastructure

In context of today digital economy and changing trends, demands are to have an optimized user experience—all the time, In order to meet changing business dynamics digital infrastructures must be Robust, Agile, elastic, High performance oriented, Distributed in nature and most importantly is managed and secure. Our certified consulting & Advisory engineering team extend their expertise while you design such Infrastructure be it High Performance compute and Infrastructure, trade of between multiple public clouds, Virtualization, micro-services and Containerized workloads, Hybrid Infrastructure, Business continuity and DR Plans.We follow approach as a consultative System /Solution Integrator with a vendor neutral policy . We engineer and Design customer solution basis end user business case and goals. We have a Strong alliances & technology partnership with leading providers.

Data Center Modernization

  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure.
  • Fast Switching Networks
  • Visualizations
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Containers
  • Storage and Backups
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Load Balancer

Cloud Consulting and Advisory

  • Identify Business Value
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Identify and differentiated workloads migration
  • Application Understanding
  • Cloud Enablers
  • Migration ,Lift and shift

Hybrid Cloud

  • Dell EMC
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • AWS
  • Google
  • Custom Web Services
  • Containers
  • Micro-Services

Cloud Optimization

  • Assessment and clutter Identification.
  • Cost Vs Needs trade off.
  • Consolidation and Standardization
  • Usage ,Performance and Cost Monitoring
  • Tools and Service

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